Our overland journey took us across Russia and we planned to enter Mongolia next. Henning is on a German passport, so he can go visa free for one month of tourism. Damn him. While I hit the embassy to get my Mongolian tourist visa for my UK passport.

Location to apply for visa:

Spasopeskovskiy Pereulok, 7/1, Moskva, 121099

It’s quite an inconspicuous entrance and when we were looking there was no Mongolian flag on top of the building to mark its purpose.

Beware: it’s NOT Posol’stvo Mongolii, Borisoglebskiy Pereulok, 11, which is what we got when we googled ‘Mongolian visa Moscow’. That is the embassy not for applying visas.

At the entrance there were some posters in Russian with opening hours and visa requirements:

My Russian is next to none but I think the working hours are Monday to Friday 9:00-12:00 for submitting application and 14:00-16:00 is for pickup.

Type of Visa: One Month Tourist Visa

Cost: 70 USD (I paid cash but not sure if other currencies or card payment is accepted)

Time: One day (I went first thing in the morning and asked if I could get it on the same day as I was leaving Moscow. Thankfully they asked me to come and pick it up in the afternoon. Maybe they were not busy at the time, but they allowed me to do that without any extra charge as well. In general, it feels like they can be flexible if you tell them clearly exactly what you need.)

Above: Original document pinned outside building.

Below: Original document with translation-software:

Here is a PDF of the visa application form we used:

Needless to say, it’s best to check the latest version at the time of your application, but I cannot recommend an official site right now. We used this pdf and it worked. One of the reasons for this post is due to the lack of information at the time of application. 

On a side note, when you enter into Mongolia with your vehicle there might be a man trying to wave you down to get you to buy some insurance. If you have insurance already then just carry on driving. We had no one asking us for any documents during the one month of our trip, and there is barely anyone inhabiting Mongolia, let alone requesting a supposedly official document of this kind.

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